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Munay Ki is a Quechua word that means "I love you" or "Be as you are".

It consists of nine initiation rites in the Medicine Tradition of the ancient America.

These rites are common among Shamanic traditions, which are expressed in the own style of each culture.
They are transmissions of energy which change and improve the luminous energy field, healing wounds from the past, karma and genetic heritage, restructuring DNA, giving us the opportunity to grow in a new body that ages, heals and dies in a different way.

The rites are transmitted in the form of seeds, which arouses, sprout and grow surrounded by meditations and fire ceremonies. They transform us in persons who hold wisdom, and power capable of protecting the whole Creation.

The rites find its origin in the great initiation rites of Valle del Indo that were brought to the Americas by the first men and women of medicine who crosses the Bering Strait during the glacier era about 30,000 years ago.

These brave travelers known as the Laikas -Medicine people of the Americas-, are the Earth keepers of the present, past and future.
The Laikas, have been ordinary men and women living extraordinary lives. They were not born with special spiritual attributes, but develop such Grace and Power through the study of traditions of wisdom, revelations and discipline. Some of them became well known Healers or leaders, as others selected to live quiet lives, dedicated to their children and farming of the land. The Laikas have always known that people will search for Munay-ki when they are ready and felt the call to do so. The Munay-ki is an invitation to Dream a New World and to collaborate in the making from day one.

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