Spiritual Widsom Americas


Sessions for the Soul Journey

we will open Sacred Space, a space of love, light and help, where you will be able to explore the mythical map of your soul.

According to the theme to which you desire to connect to, we will take one or another of the exercises and processes of the Energy Healing of The Americas.
We will see where the energy is blocked in the Luminous Energetic Body, which chakras are affected, and we will share the experience of liberating its energetic flow.

You are Your Master, You are Your Healer, You are Your Guide.

We will explore the reflections and themes which you bring to your healing session under the perception of the Soul, at the energetic, spiritual level. You will move the energy that is out of Ayni or in disharmony in order to return to your energetic equilibrium with yourself and the relationships of your personal world and that which surrounds you.

The sessions of Energetic Healing which are offered here, are not substitutes for neither medical nor psychological treatments.

Maria Clara offers consultations and procedures of healing in the following modals and languages:

- Individually in person.
- By telephone and / or video communicating by gmail / skype.
- Totally at a distance.

Sessions in Spanish, German or English.

You can fill out our consulting form online by clicking here or writing to the following email: maclaracastaneda@gmail.com

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