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About María Clara

Co-Creator of SWA

Born in Argentina. She grew up between urban modernism and the nature of the “Campo”, the Argentine countryside. Her vision expanded by incorporating new cultural aspect of the countries she lived in over the last two decades.

Her path led her to be initiated into the Medicine of the ancient Americas. She is passionate to support women to ignite their inner power and flourish. She helps people leap fearlessly into the unknown and thrive? She is committed to networking and being a bridge between worlds.

She is a Graduate of the Light Body School, assistant and academic advisor at the Four WindsSociety, member of the teacher’s team of the Light Body School. Four Winds Certified Dying Consciously Teacher. Ambassador for Dr. Alberto Villoldo’s International School, The Four Winds Society and Los Cuatro Caminos in the US, Europe, South America and Mexico.

“The spiritual path of the ancient medicine of the Americas has been a bridge which lead me rediscover my true essence, to reconnect with my roots, with the relationships of my personal world and beyond the visible. My life was enriched to the extend of a new comprehension and vision of my journey of healing and empowerment. The learning in each of the directions of the medicine wheel, connected all my past and the countries I lived in, like pieces of a puzzle making visible my personal great tree of life.

Maria Clara Castañeda
Helping people fearlessly leap into the unknown & tribe.

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