Despacho Ceremony

Create and come into balance, unity, reciprocity with Nature, the Great Spirit, your inner world and the community....

The Andean People communicate naturally through a Despacho Ceremony with Mother Earth (The Pachamama) and the Spirit of the Mountains (The Apus), to express reciprocity, respect, love and gratitude. 

Its a sacred moment where we give our offerings disfraces genshin impact and prayers to nurture the world of the Spirit and Nature, establishing a relationship of harmony with the natural, spiritual and human world.

The Quechuan word for "offering": Despacho, describes the Andean practices of offerings to the Apus (Mountains), the Pachamama (Mother Earth), and other Spirits in Reciprocity, Reverence and Thanksgiving. Is a reminder of the connections we share with all beings, elements, spirits and sacred palces. At the deepest level, it is an opportunity to enter into essential unity and gratitude of all things, to bring Harmony and Balance to the universe as well as each of our individual lives. This is a Sacred Ceremony, a Despacho is a gift of Love and gratitude.

Would you love to come into balance offering your prayers, love, gratitude in a Despacho Ceremony? please let me know, Thank you.

Much Love orologi replica di lusso

Maria Clara


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